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Useful Music Links

This is the link to the January 20 music rehearsals  ACT Jan 20 Music

This is the link to the February 20 music rehearsals ACT Feb 20 Music

This is the link to the March 20 music rehearsals ACT Mar 20 Music

This is a link to the Zoom Jan 21 music rehearsals ACT Zoom Jan 21

You Tube link to You are Mine               You Tube link to Moon River 

You Tube link to City of Stars                  You Tube link to Skyfall

You Tube link to A Million Dreams        You Tube link to Seize the Day 

You Tube link to Tell Me it’s Not True    You Tube link to Singin in theRain

You Tube link to Neil Diamond Medley You Tube link to I Believe/Ave Maria

You Tube link to This is the Moment      You Tube link to One Day More

Link to rehearsal of Prayer of Blessing  

Link to rehearsals of Neil Diamond

Link to rehearsals of We’ve only just begun 

Cathy’s YouTube link to Islands in the Stream   Link to Audio only songs 


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