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A small group from the choir sang at the annual Rosemary Foundation Lights of Remembrance Service.

“A few of us stayed for refreshments after the event at Langrish House Hotel yesterday and received congratulations and lots of wonderful compliments, which I thought I should pass on to everyone. Nurses and volunteers from the Rosemary Foundation, the hotel owner, friends and various people who we’d never seen before, all said that it provided just the right atmosphere with a lovely selection of songs. Many also hoped that we’d do it again! Robina, the hotel owner, apologised that those of the choir who left early did not get refreshments – there had been a crisis in the hotel just as teas were being prepared and all the staff were needed!” Jane


We were invited to provide a small group from the choir to sing during the signing of the register, plus joining the congregation for the hymn singing.

“Congratulations and thank you to those that gave their time to sing at Catherington Church yesterday. The family were delighted with our singing and everyone was very complimentary. Well done!” Lou

Lifeboat Service

“Thank you to those who came to the Lifeboat Service today. As always you did a fantastic job and they were delighted with our contribution.”

Wedding at Denmead

A small group from the choir sang at a wedding at All Saints Church, Denmead on 18th June 2011. Pieces performed were: The Rose, The Lord is My Shepherd and You Raise Me Up.

“Thank you to those who came and sang at Shirley’s daughter’s wedding yesterday; you sang beautifully and there were many positive comments about your performance.”

Holy Trinity Church, Blendworth

As part of the Blendworth Fesitval of Art and Music, some 50+ members of AChoired Taste performed “Songs from the Shows” on Monday 13th June 2011 at Holy Trinity Church.

“Great concert at Blendworth. David, the organiser, was speechless for once and the audience kept smiling at us!” Maggie Faber

“I just have to say how incredibly proud I was to be part of AChoired Taste last night. There were several spine tingling moments. You sounded absolutely fantastic!! It really was a top notch performance – especially when you looked up and smiled!!!!!When you looked up it made a HUGE difference!! Well done!! I had so many compliments and positive comments by so many people. Excellent.” Love Ju xxx


Trip to Bruges

This is the square in Bruges where we sang.  It was a great experience.  The crowd were very appreciative which  created a wonderful atmosphere.